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Yoga Journal

Your routine may be different but your vibe doesn't need to be.

Yoga Journal

Simple and mindful practices. Profound difference.


Yoga Journal

Sitting still can be challenging, even for experienced yoga teachers. Practicing this short stretching sequence beforehand can bring some ease to it.

Yoga Journal

Prolonged sitting also puts significant stress on our low back as well as our hips.  Step away from the computer.


Yoga Journal

The relief you feel after moving through these five postures will astound you. 

Yoga Journal

Sometimes you need to clear out what you no longer need to let in everything that you want.

8. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana.jpeg

Yoga Journal

This sequence will help you explore freedom and safety in your backbends.

Yoga Journal

One yogi's story about how backbending helped her heal from a traumatic loss.

10. Ustrasana.jpeg

Well and Good

I cannot pinpoint when things started to change for me in Savasana. But overtime, the stillness became more tolerable, and then it even became… inviting.


We are born into this world crying and screaming. And in our very first moments on Earth we are shushed, and taught to calm down.


Yoga Journal

Whether you've just graduated yoga teacher training or have been leading classes for years, you still need to practice in order to evolve. Here's how.

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Here’s What To Know About Yoga’s Most Intense Hip Opener—And No, It’s Not Pigeon

Well And Good


How To Start a Yoga Practice You’ll Actually Stick With

Well And Good

Mother United

We often talk here about finding our pause and purpose in motherhood, but this was a story of finding it in grief. 


Why Wellness and Meditation Apps Need More Diverse Voices (Literally)

Well And Good


Practice With Us: Solstice in Times Square Yoga with Neeti Narula

Yoga Journal

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