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Ever since I was a little girl, I have been interested in creative arts.

The fulfillment I get from designing and hand crafting each NamasteNeetz piece grounds and inspires me everyday.

Years ago, I began practicing yoga. 

I was facing a difficult loss and somehow I was drawn to the practice—I will forever be grateful for this. 

Yoga has been the source of much of my stability, strength, and happiness over the years.

For many, practicing yoga becomes much more than what it begins as.  

It inspires growth, change, discovery, and acceptance.  As my practice grows, I find my lifestyle shifting in new ways as well.  I am thankful to my practice for the inspiration to make Malas.

To me, yoga is my moving meditation.  It grounds, awakens, and balances me.

Malas are my creative meditation.

The act of designing and hand-knotting each individual piece gives me a deep sense of fulfillment that I am grateful to have.  

Each piece I make is individual and unique. I work on a custom design basis and combine my creative skills and intuition to make unique Mala jewelry pieces.

When you receive a NamasteNeetz piece, know that I have worked on it with love, care, and immense gratitude

I hope that when you wear or gift your piece you will feel inspired by the fulfillment it brought me to create it.

N A M A S T E 

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