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Neeti believes that the way you move and breathe on your mat shapes the way you move and breathe in your life. 


From a place of healing Neeti's practice grew into a means of opening and awakening.  She found refuge on her mat by being able to express physically what she could not express emotionally.  Over time yoga became an important pillar in her life.

In 2017, Neeti decided to deepen her practice through teacher training. She took a sabbatical from her job at an investment bank to complete her 500 hour training with Modo Yoga International. Though she initially juggled teaching with her corporate career, it quickly became clear to her which career path she was more passionate about. Her classes are inspired by various schools of yoga. 

Since her initial training with Modo, Neeti has completed over 500 additional hours of teacher training.  She completed her Yin Yoga certification under Corrina Benner at the Integral Yoga Institute of New York. She also completed 65 hours of prenatal and postnatal training and most recently graduated from the Yoga Shanti 300 hour advanced teacher training program under Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee.  


Neeti is known for teaching alignment-based classes infused with thematic dharma and yoga philosophy.

She is a Manduka yoga ambassador and you can practice with her in person at Modo Yoga NYC and THE WELL. You can also find her pre recorded classes on her youtube channel and her meditations on Insight Timer. 


Neeti sees teaching as an opportunity to share with others a sacred practice that has brought her not only solace but immense personal growth.  Furthermore, Neeti sees teaching as life’s greatest opportunity to learn. To learn more about Neeti, check out her Instagram @neeti.narula.  Click below to find out more.

Meet Neeti

Neeti Narula she/her
Yoga • Meditation • Motherhood
Mindful Movement Director @thewell
Contributor @yogajournal
Ambassador @mandukayoga
Classes @modoyoganyc @thewell

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