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Below are a few examples of gemstones I've worked with and a few of their known healing properties. As my work is entirely customizable, I am happy to try and incorporate any special requests for gemstones (to the extent available).


  • Solar plexus chakra

  • Absorbs negative energy, aids in physical and emotional healing

  • Increases confidence and mental clarity


  • Brow and Crown Chakras

  • Stability, strength, inspiration, true sense of peace

  • Wisdom, greater understanding/spiritual power

  • Highly powerful and protective stone


  • Heart Chakra

  • Protects, clears, and activates heart

  • Regeneration, comfort and balance

  • Stone of prosperity and abundance

Blue Lace Agate

  • Throat Chakra

  • Extremely calming and nurturing stone 

  • Brings peace of mind and encourages freedom of speech 


  • Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Grounds and anchors you in present reality

  • Protects holders from negativity

  • Focuses the mind and aids in decision making

  • Increases motivation, stamina, and confidence


  • Throat and Heart Chakras

  • Balances mind and body, eases guilt and emotional pain

  • Increases ability to love and understand others


  • Powerful cleanser and excellent for energizing and recharging

  • Highly creative stone, enhances individuality, revitalizes the mind

  • Promotes enjoyment of new experiences and joy in life


  • Root Chakra

  • Vigor and vitality, sexual stimulant

  • Calms anger and encourages willpower

  • Know to bring success in business

Green serpentine

  • Heart Chakra

  • Stimulates stagnant energy and kundalini energy

  • Inner peace, cleanses the mind

Green Onyx

  • Heart Chakra

  • Known to help in public speaking and encourages one to express feelings and thoughts

  • Bridges the upper 3 chakras with the lower 3


  • Aids in teaching patience and overcoming self-criticism

  • Extremely calming and helps to relieve stress

  • Aids in insomnia due to an overactive mind

Lapis Lazuli

  • Third Eye/Brow Chakra (and throat)

  • Stone of truth and friendship, encourages harmony and integrity in relationships

  • Promotes self-awareness and self-acceptance

  • Good for creativity


  • Crown Chakra

  • Provides balance and relieves feelings hopelessness

  • Known to stabilize emotions, stone of "new beginnings"

Moss Agate

  • Stabilizing and grounding stone, strongly connected with nature

  • Improves self esteem and positive personality traits

  • Attracts abundance

  • Known to speed up recovery and can be used to counteract long-term illness


  • Focus, will power, strength, confidence, discipline

  • Balances polarity between sexes

  • Absorbs negative energy


  • Heart Chakra

  • Strong love stone

  • Enhances spiritual growth

  • Good Feng Shui stone, helpful for letting go of possessions you no longer need

Quartz (clear)

  • Most powerful healing and energy amplifier

  • Absorbs, stores, releases energy and excellent for unblocking it

  • Associated with all Chakras, especially the crown

  • Amplifies energies of stones it is paired with. Helps stones work together for healing.

Rose Quartz

  • Heart chakra, most important stone for this Chakra

  • Enhances creativity, opens the heart, heals emotional pain and the hearts, “love stone”

  • Unconditional love


  • Seeds from Rudraksha trees in southeast Asia

  • Increases clarity and awareness, calms and quiets the mind , and relieve one of negative thoughts

  • Known to be cooling against the skin


  • Traditional material used in Malas

  • Subtle/soothing fragrance is a reminder of peace

  • Attracts positivity, encourages a calm and positive state of mind


  • Crown Chakra

  • Instills deep peace and excellent for meditation or spiritual work

  • Extremely protective

  • Brings clarity of mind, and aids in accessing higher consciousness/guidance

Smoky Quartz

  • Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Relieves stress, anxiety, calms hyperactive mind

  • Dispels fear/depression, encourages positivity


  • Throat Chakra

  • Heals and encourages confidence in communication

  • Honesty of emotions and love

  • Luck, healing, power


  • Navel Chakra (Sacral)

  • Instills joy and good nature

  • Encourages optimism and enthusiasm 

  • Increases self worth and confidence


  • First to third chakras (base, navel, solar plexus)

  • Balances emotional extremes and scattered thoughts

  • Brings focus, stability, and commitment

  • Helps clear creative blocks and recognize one's own talents


  • Throat chakra

  • Known to strengthen body, promote proper absorption of nutrients and increase circulation

  • Brings solace for the spirit, inner calm, and wellness for the body

  • Protects from pollutants and protects one on a journey

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