Online Live Classes

Sign up for Neeti's live online classes at the following studios:

Modo Yoga NYC

Join Neeti for flow, hatha, or yin at Modo Yoga NYC. This is the studio where Neeti completed her first 500 hour training. She considers Modo her home and is honored to teach and be a part of this strong and beautiful community.

On Air 

Weekly Asana Class--

Every Friday at 12pm EST, join Neeti for a challenging thematic flow class with this budding online community ON AIR. The classes are held on zoom and Neeti watches students to offer verbal adjustments. For Neeti, this is the closest thing to being back together in the studio! 

Monthly Meditation Collective--

Join Neeti for our monthly guided meditation collective and accountability group. We start with a guided meditation, followed by a group discussion on committing to a regular meditation practice. We dive into the struggles one faces while trying to sit still and quiet the mind. We also cover tips for setting up a practice, staying committed, and whatever other questions or comments you bring to the table about meditation.

Insight Timer

Join Neeti every Wednesday at 12:30pm EST for an energizing 30 minute flow to break up your week. 

On Demand Classes

If you can't make Neeti's live classes, find prerecorded classes below. 

Open Up and Flow with Neeti 

In this fun vinyasa style flow we will explore binds to learn how to open up from points of resistance and closure.

Hips Don't Lie

Hip opening flow with Manduka ambassador Neeti Narula


Modo Yoga NYC On Demand

You can also find several classes Neeti has recorded for Modo Yoga NYC on demand here.